Absolutely, The Best Place to sell Gold in Los Angeles, prices listed - Pasadena - cash for gold los angeles

Absolutely, The Best Place to sell Gold in Los Angeles, prices listed — Pasadena

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If you are thinking of selling gold, silver and platinum jewelry coins bullions or bars for cash Los Angeles Cash for Gold is located in Pasadena California. We even pay cash for Dental Gold and Silver Flatware; forks, spoons, trays.

If you have Gold to Sell Please Go to http://www.CashforGoldLosAngeles.com/

642 E Colorado Blvd

Pasadena CA 91101

(626) 449-0040

The process is quite simple, visit our website and get all of the prices we pay for your gold. We have a live price chart and a cash for gold calculator that will price out your gold at the time of sale. Go gimmicks, no games.

Most dealers make you feel like you are selling an old car, they start low and then go to a mid level price. They see you are ready to walk out the door and suddenly they become your best friend offering you a higher price.

At LA Cash for Gold, all of the gold prices are listed. You will receive 75-80% of the spot price for your jewelry and 90% for gold bullions bars and coins.

No haggling, everything up front and simple.

So if you know how many grams of gold you have and what the karat is  you can simply type that into the Cash for Gold Calculator and you will see what Your Payout Price will be at the time of sale.

Gold's on the rise, get the most return for your investment when you visit the Number 1 Gold Buyer in Los Angeles Area.

What we Buy:

•    Any 24k, 22k, 18k, 14k, 12k, 10k Gold
•    Platinum Jewelry or Scrap Platinum
•    Gold Cufflinks
•    Gold or Platinum Chains
•    Gold or Platinum Necklaces and Bracelets
•    Gold Engagement or Wedding Bands
•    Gold Class Rings, Gold Cluster Rings, Gold Cocktail Rings
•    Gold Coins
•    Gold Medals
•    Gold and Platinum Brooches and Pins
•    Scrap Dental Gold
•    Silver Flatware: Forks, Spoons Trays, Candle holders, Stamped 800, 900, 925, or Sterling Silver (we do not buy Silver Plate or Plated)
•    Gold and Platinum Lockets and Charms
•    Matched or Mismatched Gold Earrings
•    Damaged Jewelry such as Kinked Gold Chains or Gold Pieces with Stones Missing

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